Morocco: Travel Blog 2017


Day 1

by Dominique and Valerie

Our trip started with a group dinner. A diverse selection of Moroccan salads and tajines were served at the very popular restaurant Dar Naji. During our first meal, we were taught that Moroccan people eat with their right hand. Locals use bread instead of cutlery. SO at the beginning, most

Nepal: Travel Blog 2017

Day 1

by Natascha

Today was simply fascinating! Very informative, exciting and beautiful. We started the day getting breakfast in our Hotel and soon afterward hit the road to get to our first meeting with the SAMANTA Foundation where we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Paradip Pariyar (Executive Chairperson) and Sarita Pariyar (founder and co-chairperson of the Darnal International Award for Social Justice Initiative DIAS). Their NGO

Kenya: Travel Blog 2017

Kenya: Travel Blog 2017

Day 1

by Tamara 

The first day started on the rooftop of our bed and breakfast in down town Nairobi. We got to know each other a little bit better despite the fact that some of the group had already met each other at the pre-meeting in Zurich. After a general instruction, Jasna and Caro (the two organizers) gave us some more detailed information about the trip. After that we

IFIL Party and General Assembly

Our General Assembly and the accompanying party is getting ever closer!

It will take place on March 10th at the lovely Bäckeranlage in Zurich, at the Quartierzentrum Aussersihl, just 10 mins from the main train station (bus line 31). The entry is of course free of charge.

As always we will start off at 8:30PM with the General Assembly. Directly afterwards the really exciting part awaits you: we reveal the …

Nepal: Travel Blog 2016

Day 1

by Lize

Our first day as a group started today at Bhodi Guesthouse in Kathmandu. After having breakfast, we received a language lesson from Tulsi. With basic questions like: Timi lai kasto cha? (How are you?), everyday life questions and answers, we got to learn a lot about the language including even the social structure of Nepal ( expl. Sayings between youngsters or formal sentence builing). Trying to

What’s happening at IFIL

For the first time in several years, IFIL is only offering one Study Trip in Summer 2016. So you might wonder: what is happening at IFIL? In short: we are doing great! No worries. Indeed though, we had to carefully manage our time resources in the last year, as the board was understaffed for a while. And now that we found awesome new talent, some reorganisation, as mentioned and seen …

IFIL Board in Transition

The standing members of the board are very excited to welcome three new people to the IFIL family. We are all looking forward to the coming months and hopefully years and especially to going into the upcoming Study Trip season with new drive and new ideas from:

Leslie Spengler, our new Head of Marketing and Communications. Leslie will bring in her talent for creative writing to make sure …

General Assembly

We held our annual General Assembly on March 19th in Zurich. Thank you to all who attended!
As always, it’s most important feature was marking the publishing of our new Study Trips.

However, its formal significance shall not be neglected either.

We said good-bye to long-term board member and former Stuy Trip Organizer (China, 2013) Yilian Mangada.
Thank you Yilian for your great contributions to the initiative!

We happily …

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