Nepal: Travel Blog 2017

Day 1

by Natascha

Today was simply fascinating! Very informative, exciting and beautiful. We started the day getting breakfast in our Hotel and soon afterward hit the road to get to our first meeting with the SAMANTA Foundation where we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Paradip Pariyar (Executive Chairperson) and Sarita Pariyar (founder and co-chairperson of the Darnal International Award for Social Justice Initiative DIAS). Their NGO

Nepal: Travel Blog 2016

Day 1

by Lize

Our first day as a group started today at Bhodi Guesthouse in Kathmandu. After having breakfast, we received a language lesson from Tulsi. With basic questions like: Timi lai kasto cha? (How are you?), everyday life questions and answers, we got to learn a lot about the language including even the social structure of Nepal ( expl. Sayings between youngsters or formal sentence builing). Trying to