Kenya: Travel Blog 2017

Day 1

by Tamara 

The first day started on the rooftop of our bed and breakfast in down town Nairobi. We got to know each other a little bit better despite the fact that some of the group had already met each other at the pre-meeting in Zurich. After a general instruction, Jasna and Caro (the two organizers) gave us some more detailed information about the trip. After that we

Nepal: Travel Blog 2016

Day 1

by Lize

Our first day as a group started today at Bhodi Guesthouse in Kathmandu. After having breakfast, we received a language lesson from Tulsi. With basic questions like: Timi lai kasto cha? (How are you?), everyday life questions and answers, we got to learn a lot about the language including even the social structure of Nepal ( expl. Sayings between youngsters or formal sentence builing). Trying to