Organize Your own Trip with Us

You want to organize a Study Trip with us to a country or region you always wanted to tell other people about? That’s fantastic news! Read below all the necessary information you need for how to write a first trip proposal. No worries, there is not much that can go wrong at this stage. And if you’re stuck, just drop us a message!

IFIL promotes intercultural learning and exchange through its projects and contributes to a culture of global awareness of all its stakeholders. IFIL acts as a platform which enables young professionals and students to learn and deepen knowledge about other cultures and current issues with global relevance.

IFIL is mainly driven by motivated people taking action on organizing projects, in order to share experience on different cultures and topics with global relevance.

Therefore, we are looking for open and committed people who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with fellow citizens.

If you want to organize a Study Trip, you should have a strong interest in some particular aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural sphere of a specific world region or a particular country. IFIL supports projects that enable participants to become familiar with the political, economic and social landscapes of a variety of countries or with specific issues. Meetings and interactive discussions with experts and local youth are part of every Study Trip.

If you would like to get active but don’t have the ressources to organize a whole trip, you can also approach us with your idea for smaller-scale projects (panel discussion, presentations, movie-nights with guest lectures, etc.)! As long as your idea has a connection to the guiding principle of intercultural learning, we are happy to sit down with you to find an interesting way of implementing the project.

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us!

IFIL offers a pro-active and committed team, challenging and interesting tasks, a guided albeit autonomous and self-dependent work and of course countless unforgettable experiences on your Study Trip… Which are all the more valuable if you have made that trip possible yourself, for you and everyone else.

Organizing an IFIL Study Trip

We are happy that you are interested in organizing a study trip with IFIL! First of all, make sure that you send your proposal with all supporting documents. This call for proposals is for study trips which will be carried out in the winter 2018/2019.

What we need from you is the following:

  • A short statement describing your motivation and your knowledge of/connection to your study trip destination (max. 2 pages)
  • A draft program of the study trip (this can be a very early draft. We want to have basic understanding of what you want to focus on, who you want to meet, where you want to go, etc.)
  • Basic budgetary information. Please list the approximate costs of the following items of expenditure:
    • Return flight to the destination
    • Overnight stay in an average hotel/hostel
    • Transportation fees (public transport/rental buses)
  • Your CV/Résumé

Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate a second to get in touch with us. We’ll help.