Study Trips and Projects

Our intercultural study trips enable students and young professionals to discover the political, economic and social landscapes of a variety of countries in small groups of up to 15 people.

The aim of these trips is not only to foster knowledge but also to allow the participants to experience a different culture together with local youth. Meetings with decision-makers from the political and economic arena as well as with representatives from local and international non-governmental organizations, scientists, journalists and students enable the participants to gain a differentiated insight into a country or a region.

By visiting a variety of different places and institutions an IFIL Study Trip ensures that the group experiences a multifaceted view of the country or region. Prior to the trip, the partiipants are prepared for their stay in a thorough orientation and provided with background information on the destination and discussion partners, so that the newly gained insights can be understood and processed within the context of prior knowledge.

An IFIL Intercultural Study Trip is an unforgettable and highly valuable experience. It’s also a lot of fun. But please be aware that you are not joining a leisure holiday trip.