The standing members of the board are very excited to welcome three new people to the IFIL family. We are all looking forward to the coming months and hopefully years and especially to going into the upcoming Study Trip season with new drive and new ideas from:

Leslie Spengler, our new Head of Marketing and Communications. Leslie will bring in her talent for creative writing to make sure that everything IFIL does and says sounds and looks good. She’s always on the look-out for new opportunities to spread the word about our pretty cool projects and will extend IFIL’s outside communication to more general themes within the realm of intercultural learning.

Manuela Pfiffner, our new Head of Digital Marketing and Webtechnologies. Manuela brings in expertise in a wide variety of online and media tools to make sure that IFIL makes best use of the unlimited potential of the world wide web. In particular she will take over the responsibility for the new website and IFIL’s presence in Social Media.

Rebekka Gammenthaler, reinforcing the team of Intercultural Project Coaches. Rebekka can look back on the most valuable experience one can have within IFIL: she organzied a Study Trip to Nepal last year. Together with Fabienne and Johanna she will make sure that new Study Trip Organizers get the best possible support, guiding them towards a succesful and rewarding completion of the daunting task of organizing a Study Trip.

Andrina Klöti, our new Head for Inland Project Coordination. Andrina will participate actively starting from summer 2016. Her prior experience in organizing a study trip in Switzerland and her passion for project organization in general will enable IFIL to finally also implement smaller-scale projects in Switzerland. Something that has been on our to-do list for a long time and will extend IFIL’s reach for bringing intercultrual learning to as many people as possible.